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New Year, New Start!

Christmas is over, it's a New Year and many people are going back to work and children are getting ready to start a new school term. The festivities have finished and most people welcome 'getting back to normal'. But for those with Asperger's it's a period of more change and the associated anxiety that brings. Many adults and children with Asperger's are continually playing 'catch-up'. They've just begun to adjust to the 'new routine' and it's all change again.

If you live with someone who has Asperger's, or if you, yourself, have Asperger's you will probably recognise that life is punctuated by outbursts or meltdowns or huge anxiety which seemingly comes out of the blue. Try as you might to find out the cause or trigger, the real source may simply be a build up of pressure and the person is on overload. When this occurs it will take very little to tip the balance and the person with Asperger's has such limited self-awareness that they find it impossible to recognise the signs of stress and pressure creeping up on them.

Getting back to normal will take time, sometimes several days, and the person with Asperger's will need plenty of opportunities for low key, gentle activities. Focus on nature, animals, music; things to soothe the mind and body. Be guided by the individual as they may intuitively know what helps them, but above all balance is key. Stressful situations cannot be avoided entirely but they need to be balanced by relaxing; partcipating in activities to redress the balance and quiet the mind.

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