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Many adults with Asperger's also have co-existing conditions but the different ways in which people with Asperger's think can have significant advantages. Many studies have found links to creative and artistic intelligence and unique problem-solving skills. There are countless examples of the valuable contributions people with these conditions have brought to society throughout history. 

However, they often face significant challenges both personally and professionally. Their strengths may be being overlooked or undervalued by themselves or others around them which hinders them in fulfilling their potential in life.


I believe you are the expert on you. We can discuss how your particular conditions affect you and together explore your current situation, identifying the challenges and obstacles in your life. We will create goals and develop practical strategies to help you achieve them. We will explore and help you to develop your strengths to move toward a better quality of life in areas that are important to you.  A diagnosis is not required and coaching is often undertaken to explore the possibility of suspected conditions.


Typical areas of focus are on difficulties in the following areas:

  • Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome and how it affects you

  • Work and study related difficulties

  • Social and communication difficulties


Whether you are employed, self-employed, a student, between jobs or seeking a better quality of life, coaching is designed to help you feel more in control and achieve better results. We will look at where you are now, explore where you want to be, and focus on how you can get there.

All our support is centred on you as the individual and can be tailored to your requirements.

Support for students can be offered to enhance study skills or focus on mentoring.

Our study skills support sessions are specifically designed for secondary school pupils and college / university students. We understand how important it is to be able to study effectively and part of this entails gaining greater self-awareness of your strengths in order to find ways to compensate for the things you find more challenging. Having difficulty with note taking and summarising, planning assignments, revision techniques are some of the areas where we can offer support. Tutors have in-depth knowledge and experience of autism spectrum conditions and design support to meet the needs of the individual.

Mentoring can look at strategies to provide support in:

  • Understanding Asperger's or high-functioning autism and how it affects you

  • Gaining greater self-awareness

  • Improving your concentration and focus

  • Managing your time more constructively to meet deadlines and prioritise your workload

  • Developing strategies to manage your anxiety

  • Becoming more confident at work or in social situations

  • Exploring your strengths to help you realise your true potential

  • Developing strategies to help you plan, prioritise and organise and manage distraction and procrastination

Work based support can help in many different areas, whether you are already employed or seeking work. Employment provides independence, the development of new skills, social opportunities and increased self-esteem and confidence. Coaching can help to:

  • Identify your strengths, skills and experience to focus on potential opportunities

  • Improve your CV, job searching skills and techniques for job interviews

  • Consider if, when, and how to disclose a diagnosis

  • Develop strategies to increase your confidence, motivation, assertiveness and manage anxiety

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Understand sensory difficulties and develop coping strategies

  • Plan effectively to meet deadlines and manage your workload

  • Understand how reasonable adjustments can help

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