Asperger's Awareness Training

We provide Awareness Training to schools, companies and organisations. This comprises group training for teachers, health professionals or managers as well as training for teams on awareness of Asperger's.

We will work with your organisation to develop strategies which will help those affected by Asperger's but fit in with your organisational structure.


For Schools

Greater understanding of Asperger's will enable appropriate support to be provided for pupils to improve their academic achievements, communication skills and manage challenging behaviour.

We will discuss gender differences with Asperger's, learning styles, sensory difficulties and issues with processing. We will also work with you to develop strategies to manage behaviour and discuss what reasonable adjustments the school can make whilst maintaining an inclusive environments.

For Employers

We will work with line managers to provide the right support for their employee in areas such as:

  • Improving communication skills to enhance performance and social integration

  • Management of performance, planning, organisation, and effective supervision

  • Understanding the current law and how to make reasonable adjustments to support your employee where necessary


For team members

Employment support can provide bespoke training packages to meet an organisation’s objectives. Clear, practical training to increase understanding of Asperger's can be provided, from a ‘lunch and learn’ workshop to a full days training session. The unique strengths and abilities that people on the autistic spectrum can bring to an organisation will be explored as well as strategies to help manage and support any challenges staff might face.


Services can be provided either in the workplace across the UK, virtually via video conferencing software or by phone.

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